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Exorcism vs Spirit Releasement

Exorcism and Spirit Releasement are two different approaches used to deal with entities or spirits that are believed to be possessing or influencing a person or location.

Exorcism is typically associated with religious or spiritual practices and is the process of expelling an evil spirit or demon from a person, place, or object through prayer, ritual, or other spiritual means. It is usually performed by a priest or other religious authority figure and is often associated with the Roman Catholic Church. The goal of exorcism is to remove the negative influence of the entity or spirit and restore the person or location to a state of purity or goodness.

Spirit releasement, on the other hand, is a non-religious approach that is based on the belief that spirits and entities can become attached to a person or location and need to be released in order to resolve any negative influences they may be causing. Spirit releasement practitioners may use a variety of methods such as hypnosis, guided imagery, or energy work to help the entity or spirit move on to the next phase of their spiritual journey. The goal of spirit releasement is to release the entity or spirit from its attachment and allow it to continue its journey, while also restoring balance and harmony to the person or location affected.

While both exorcism and spirit releasement are focused on dealing with negative entities or spirits, the approaches used are quite different, and people may choose one over the other based on their beliefs, personal preferences, or the specific situation at hand.

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