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Mental Toughness in Sports

Do Athletic challenges feel impossible for you to overcome?
Adversity can lead you to experience feelings of anger, dejection & frustration. You feel lost and  alone,  with no escape or end in sight.  It is as though nobody understands how it affects you, or how troubling the situation is.
Adversity is an obstacle that is common among every Athlete, but adversity impacts each Athlete in different ways.

Adversity is a deeply personal experience, but the adversity that you’re facing is no bigger/worse than anyone else’s adverse situation.

In order to better handle or overcome adversity, you need to begin by realizing that no matter what you are dealing with, many other Athletes have faced the same situation(s), and that the majority have triumphed over their circumstances.
Knowing that other Athletes have overcome the same experiences, allows you to be less intimidated by what you are facing.
Each adverse situation that you have encountered, personally and athletically, has helped you to strengthen your mental toughness.
Mental toughness is knowing you will find your way through the adversity by utilizing the right course of action.
Building Mental Toughness Amid Adversity:

Build your resiliency  – List relevant, difficult situations that you have overcome .

Identifying the challenges you’ve successfully dealt with in the past will assist you with future adversity, and promoting mental toughness.
Find examples of athletes that have faced a situation that is similar to yours, to discover what helped them to defeat their adversity.
Mentally tough Athletes find a way to overcome challenges. They never allow themselves to feel helpless about their situation.
Do what you have to do, to be your best at what you do.

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